Monday, May 2, 2011

Labbe suffers knee injury vs Kristianstad

Pitea IF faced former head coach Elizabeth Gunnarsdottir and the Kristianstad DFF on Sunday May, 1st.

Unfortunately for PIF, in the 25th minute, Stephanie Labbe injured her knee in a collision with a Kristianstad player. Unsure how serious the injury is. Labbe tweeted today "knee is stable but hard to tell for sure with the swelling... icing it lots till doc again tomorrow..."

There are 54 days left until Canada takes on Germany, a little less until Morace announces her World Cup roster so still some time left for her knee to heal.

The show must go on.

It's hard for any 'keeper to come in cold for an injured teammate. Imagine doing that at 16 years of age. That's what  Hanna Vicstrom was faced with when she stepped in for Labbe.

Seven minutes before full time, June Pedersen put Pitea on the score board.

The last minute effort was a little too late as PIF fell short to Kristianstad. Margret Lara got the hat trick for her side.

Stay tuned for Labbe updates.

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