Sunday, January 30, 2011

Race to 200

The Canadian Women's National team decided to make good use of their time off. On this little social media network named Twitter, the players who have an account are competing in a race to see who can get 200 more followers than they already have. The competition started on Saturday January 29. Since then players have become very creative with their campaign. Candace Chapman for instance is donation 1$ to @biaagcanada (Because I am a Girl Cananda) for every 5 new followers. Some players are using their college team hash tags such as Steph Labbe (UConn), Emily Zurrer (Illinois) and Mel Booth (Florida Gators). Some are getting help from friends. @TiffanyWeimer is tweeting pics of Carm Moscato, they are pretty funny I suggest you check em out. All in all the game is in good fun. The ladies are getting really into it and it is fun to see their creative side. Help your favourite player reach +200 first.

Melanie Booth--@melbooth13 (
Candace Chapman--@chappie95
Stephanie Labbe--@stephlabbe1
Kaylyn Kyle--@KaylynKyle
Karina LeBlanc--@karinaleblanc
Emily Zurrer--@emme_z
Carm Moscato--@cmoscato4
Erin McLeod--@Emcleod_dc
Brittany Timko--@brittanytimko
Christina Julien--@juliencm21

While your at it, might as well follow @cdn_chica

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