Monday, January 31, 2011

The Race is Over

Don't stop typing, but we have a winner.

This past weekend Canadian women's national soccer players (who currently have a twitter account) were challenged to see who could be first to gain 200 Followers. Stephanie Labbe, Emily Zurrer, Mel Booth, Kaylyn Kyle, Carmelina Moscato and Christina Julien kept things interesting right up until the end. The challenge began at the stroke of Noon (MST) and Emily Zurrer got off to a great start. The Illini lead dissolved quickly as a UConn alum took over. Stephanie Labbe led for most of Saturday and Sunday but the tide shifted as another teammate took the baton-- Kaylyn Kyle.

An anonymous source noted that in the interest of having Ms. Kyle contribute to his blog-- The Equalizer-- Sports Illustrated writer, Jeff Kassouf threw his considerable support behind Kaylyn's efforts. That helped Kyle slingshot past Labbe. But Kyle's creative methods of persuasion sealed her victory. In the waning hours of the competition, Kyle added a whopping 45 Followers in 43 minutes. And from what we could tell-- no spambots!!

Leave it teammate, Candace Chapman (@chappie95) to set the bar even higher by pledging to give $1 to the for every 5 new followers until she reaches 1,500. Before the race ends, Emily Zurrer (@emme_z) pledges to match her teammate. Now that's a proposition where everybody wins

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