Monday, January 10, 2011

Anticipation for the Final: Canada v Brazil-Torneio Internacional Cidade de São Paulo

If you are a fan of the CWNT, you know that this has been by far the best year they have had. Winning Cyprus Cup. Winning CONCACAF Gold Cup, winning all 5 games, scoring 17 for, 0 against, which ultimately qualified them for the Women's World Cup 2011 in Germany. Now they are playing in the 4 nations cup in Brazil. Both Canada and Brazil had already qualified for the cup game on Sunday the 19th of December, but had to finish off group play against each other on the 15th. Although I did not get to watch the game, I still felt positive vibes and excitement via updates from twitter (thanks @Ingridium and everyone else who was keeping me up-to-date). Brazil is #3 in the world, and possess undoubtedly the #1 player in the world, Marta. Canada, on the other hand is ranked 9th in the world. So you would think that Brazil would come up with the win, but uh-uh, that was not the case. We played, what has to be called a "second string" team that game. Only because Sinclair didn't play, Kyle, Matheson (although she did come on as a sub) or a LeBlanc. Instead, we played a very young starting XI, with Woeller, Chenard, Stewart, Pietrangelo, and who can forget about the MVP of the game, Miss Stephanie Labbe. I didn't get to see the game but I heard she made some magical saves (with 2 miracle stops by the post). Also i have to mention a welcome back to the pitch to Timko. It's been 9 months since she has played an official international game, and apparently she ripped it up on the wing. Good to have you back!

In the end, the final result was 0-0. Brazil threw everything they had at us. Controlling most of the game, and creating the majority of the chances. But with Canada's slick, composed, confident, organized defense, Marta and crew had nothing on us. Now, this makes me very excited. If Brazil, the most exciting team to watch in the women's game, (in my honest opinion) can't come up with a win against Canada's "second string" well then heck no are they winning in the finals tomorrow with our top players on the pitch. I am definitely not taking anything away form the youngsters, because they did indeed play their hearts out for Canada. This just goes to show you how deep our bench is. And I believe it's only going to get better from here.

Now tomorrows' task: catch the Canadian women take on Brazil @2pm ET..this game won't be broadcast, but it will be webcast. I do not have the link to the game yet, but I will have it well before the game tomorrow.

It's time we all recognize something great and support the women's game. GO CANADA GO!!

*update-just found out that win OR tie aginst Brazil tomorrow the CWNT will be champions!*

*update- watch the game here *

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