Saturday, April 2, 2011

Update: April 2nd, 2011

  Today the Canadian women's team engaged in a closed friendly match against Sweden.

  Sweden starting XI: Lundgren, Rohlin, Segerström, Thunebo, Schelin, Görannsson, Nilsson, Öqvist, Forsberg, Dahlkvist, Fischer

  Canada starting XI: LeBlanc, Zurrer, Kyle, Wilkinson, Matheson, Chapman, Sinclair, Schmidt, Tancredi, Filigno, Nault.

  Note: Line-ups written in numerical order tweeted by @CanadaSoccerEN. If I were to re-write it by position it would look like this:

LeBlanc, Nault, Chapman, Zurrer, Wilkinson, Kyle, Matheson, Schmidt, Tancredi, Filigno, Sinclair.

  Since this was a closed match, no broadcast was available so naturally I have no idea how the match panned out. However I do know the final score was 1-0 for the Swedes. Goal scored by Rohlin in the 1st half. As we all know, results don't reflect play. Based on Karina LeBlanc's tweet about the game she stated the ladies created some dangerous chances. Em Zurrer tweeted "we were unfortunate to not score at least 1 of our many chances but overall (good) performance."

  Relying on assumption and tweets I have come to the conclusion  that this was a good loss for the women. Losing puts things in perspective. Best the loss come now than in the World Cup. Learn from mistakes and build. Of course, a championship team already knows this.

In other news: WNY Flash played in a pre-season game against Niagara University. An outstanding 11-0 win for the expansion team. Canada's Kelly Parker capitalized on a scoring opportunity. Other goal scorers: Seger (5), Fountain (3), Goebel (2).

Also, today is Candace Chapman's birthday. Happy Bday, Chappy!!

Report and video courtesy of Radio Canada (in French but video on the Sweden goal):  

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