Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Canadians in the WPS

  When the 2011 WPS season is set to kick off this April, three Canadians will be in the midst of it all. And hey, what do you know, they've all signed with the same team. Makes our life a lot easier in terms of following their success.

  W-League franchise Buffalo Flash made an upgrade this year and became the 6th WPS team, re-naming the squad Western New York Flash.

  Three Canadians decided to join the expansion team. Christine Sinclair, captain of the CANwnt was among the first to make the move. The six-time Canadian Player of the Year suited up for FC Gold Pride last season and scored two goals to help her side win the 2010 WPS Championship. After the team ceased operations, Sinclair became one of the league's top available players. It's no secret Sinclair is a world class player. Having been given the nickname "Captain Clutch" for her amazing ability to score winning goals for her team, she will no doubt be an important presence for the Flash.

  Canadian defender Candace Chapman was next to sign with the Flash. Like Christine, Chapman played for the FC Gold Pride in 2010, winning her first WPS Championship. Life as a defender means they don't see much scoring action. However in the 2008 Olympics, Chapman scored the first ever goal for Canada in the event. Having a defender making offensive runs will serve well for WNY.

  2010 USL W-League Champion and MVP, Kelly Parker made the move up with her former squad Buffalo Flash to the WPS. Parker is no stranger to the WPS as she played for FC Sky Blue in 2009. Parker is known as a versatile player. She could be placed anywhere on the pitch and make a difference. However, the only player in W-League history to snag MVP honours (Ottawa Fury 2004) got injured last year. Her status at the moment is unknown, but for WYN's sake (and Canada) let's wish her a speedy recovery.

  On another note: I noticed Portland Pilot alumni, Sophie Schmidt was listed under MagicJack's roster but I heard rumours that she denied to enter WPS draft. Maybe focusing on world cup preparations? If anyone can clear this up, that would be great!

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