Monday, January 10, 2011

So what's next?

As everyone knows, yesterday 8 year veteran of the CANwnt, Kara Lang retired at age 24 due to a knee injury. We are all of course sad that we won't be able to see #15 play again for the red and white. We won't get to see her hoist a World Cup nor wear a gold medal, which probably sucks more for her than us. But we should all be happy and excited for what comes next.

  Yesterday in the press conference, Kara said she wants to remain a part of the growth of women's soccer in Canada. She mentioned that she will be meeting with Carolina in February to see where her roll fits in with the program. As for coaching, Kara stated that she won't be pursuing that as a career.

  Fans of Kara know that she's a avid surfer and super into yoga. She teaches classes at her dad's studio in Oakville, so not training and playing with the team, she'll avoid becoming obese like many other retired soccer players. In all seriousness, with Kara's intelligence and hunger to grow women's soccer in Canada, she'll be successful no matter what.  Good luck, Kara in all your future endeavours!

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